3 000 000 frames comixified on COMIXIFY VFX PLATFORM

Over 3,000,000 frames were comixified on our platform! What do we know about our platform? What have we learned? What will we change and what are our plans? You can find out below.

In the ninth month of the operation of our VFX Platform, we surpassed the amount of 3,000,000 comixified frames! We are happy that two-thirds of this result was done in the first four months of 2021! This clearly means that we are gaining speed and that the interest in our tools is great.
This conclusion may seem hasty but let us take a look at some of the clues that speak for it.

The first is the increase in the number of comixified frames.

The increasing number of comixified frames over time is growing fast, we assume that its curve will continue to increase.

The number of comixified frames August 2020 – April 2021

In April alone, the number of comixified frames was greater than the sum of frames in February and March 2021! This value alone makes us think that we are definitely going in the right direction.

And it is all thanks to the number of TASKS.

The comixified frames are the result of the increasing number of tasks made by our users! Not only is their number growing, but also the amount of task per user is back on track!

Tasks per month.

Both, task per users and task, in general, are a very good signal for us, which we interpret as a positive response from users to new tools and a positive signal that the work on upgrading the interface and improving the models is paying off.

Task per user

It is also interesting that the Task Per User result slightly exceeded the result from the first month of Closed Beta Testing, in which we worked with selected users. The increase in this value in the stage of Open Beta, where everyone can create tasks, is very good news for us.

Cool to have tasks but how about results?

An additional source of information introduced by us from January 15, 2021 is a mechanism that shows us how many comixified frames users have unlocked.

The number of frames unlocked by users.

Unlocking by removing watermarks from the image means that the user has used VFX credits which are a form of monetized currency from our platform. In other words, an unlocked task is one for which the user decided to spend the credits assigned to him at the start.

Who and where from?
Users acquisition

Even though the number of acquired users has slightly decreased compared to the previous months, we still obtain over 20 of them a day and by observing the place from which they came, we crystallize our future marketing channels. Why “future” Channels?

Because we achieve all these results without paid campaigns!

We learned a lot about our users by simply tracking the traffic on our VFX Platform website. We know what videos are better to attract professionals and what videos can drive more semi-pros or amateurs to sign in and create tasks. We were able to evaluate the quality of traffic coming from different social media and soon, once the automated payment solution will be ready, we will use it all to our advantage.

Comixify VFX Platform GEO RANGE

The steady flow of new users, new tasks, and more credits bought by our users is something we are looking for!

Is this our goal?

At some point, we aimed to create the SaaS platform that will become popular among both pros and amateurs. We made the B2B + B2C decision based on Closed Beta results where 30% of users presented themself as Amateurs.

VFX PLATFOMR UI allows users to draw roto mask in the app.

We followed up with some UI decisions that make our platform simple for typical internet users we can now rotoscope or in-paint via mobile and desktop. You can now see the sample of style transfer before you will create a full task.

Our Platform is a well-designed SaaS service, with monetization potencial, but it is also more than that!

Our VFX Platform is an amazing place for gathering feedback. It is also fantastic as a demo that can showcase our tech. We are more than happy about it but focusing on it is not our goal.

So what is?

Our long-term goal is to accelerate the VFX Post-production video market by putting the ML and AI to work. The important fact is that our goal is actually fixing a market problem. Our AI & ML tools can take most of the manual, time and cost consuming, labour in the VFX industry. To do so we have to deliver good enough quality for professional post-production market.

Our Style Transfer, already used by BBC, our Super Slow-motion, and our Super-resolution are ready to be used and we can sell them. We still need some development to be done on the rotoscope and inpainting. We also need to move our tools from the cloud to clients’ hardware so applications for windows and mac will be our next step and post-production software plugins follow.

Why do we know these steps are important?

All we do and all we did so far centers around the implementation of gathered feedback. We started the development with two post-production studios. Now we are working with three. Moreover, many of our Beta Testers are happy to give us feedback and more. This way Comixify gets access to unprecedented gigabytes of data so much needed when you are building AI & ML tools. All this allows us to get access to the Right People in the VFX industries!

Who are the Right People?

They are CREATORS! Working and representing big post-production studios but also doing independent jobs or simply freelance their skills! They are in the front line of the video post-production.

There are more than 29 000 results for video editing on fiverr.com

We are contacted daily by them with the question of how to get more VFX Credits? When are we planning to crate pc and mac apps? And, do we have plugins? Again, we are getting all this as they did try our VFX Platform demo! We are not surprised! We offer tools that help!

How our tools can help?

Creators can simply give our AI & ML tools tasks they don’t want to do or tasks that are taking a huge bit of time.

Redrawing a real live 10 seconds video to animation can take 15 days and cost – 6600 EUR. Our Style transfer can do it in 2 minutes for less than 20 USD*.

Comixify VFX Style Transfer

Ten seconds roto task can take 2 days and cost 1000 EUR… Or you can do it with Comixify for 100 USD* and get the results in roughly 90 minutes!

Comixify VFX Rotoscope
So what next?

The key to get on top will be quality. We need to deliver the best possible quality for all our modules. To do so we need time and money for development as mentioned there is still a place for making some parts of our offer better. We will also need to develop applications for PC and MAC and plugins for selected post-production software.

Therefore we are looking for an investor! An open-minded partner that will help us to push our tech on the home straight! Please contact me at [email protected] for details!

*final prices still are still under development