Comixify AI acquired by Alter!

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We are excited to announce the next chapter for with some good news. Our team joins to help accelerate their vision of building the “stripe for avatars”. Alter is an avatar technology company that raised a $3M seed round led by Play Ventures in 2021. They build a plug-and-play avatar system for game and app makers, which has already been in testing with a selected group of partners and has over 1 million users. 

Over the past year, we have been closely collaborating with Alter to improve its synthetic data Machine Learning pipeline. The cooperation was very successful and ultimately it led to the mutual decision to join forces. This union should help Alter expand its Machine Learning/Computer Vision research efforts alongside further accelerating its development. 

“The Comixify team will be the key in helping us achieve our vision” says Alter COO Jon Slimak.

We would like to thank you for supporting us and using our tools in the past years. We are very proud of what we achieved with and We would like to be remembered as a group of people who wanted to change the face of the VFX industry and have worked hard to achieve it for the past 4 years.

Regards, team

Comixify VFX Platform accepted as a supplier to the BBC

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Fantastic news arrived at us yesterday evening! We were formally accepted as a supplier to the BBC!

Comixify VFX Platform, which can be tested for free here, with a long-term goal to accelerate the VFX Post-production video market by putting the ML and AI to work thus limit the cost and time needed for nowadays manual tasks, offers six different tools!

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Selected from 400 startups! Comixify joins STADIEM

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By Bolesław Michalski

The STADIEM recruitment, which ended on March 31, attracted the interest of over 400 European start-ups related mainly to the media sector, finally 41 solutions were selected and will go to the matching phase.

The 41 selected startups come from all over Europe
What is STADIEM?
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By Bolesław Michalski technology is flexible and can be used in many areas. Thanks to this, we had the pleasure to support many innovative projects with our technology, and the product itself has also undergone a very strong transformation within 2 years.

From the AI-based comic book generator, through the photo book creation tool, to its current model, in which we develop technology to accelerate the VFX market.

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Comixify VFX Platform now with Colorization!

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by Maciej Pęśko

A few weeks ago we released the Inpainting module. However, we are not slowing down and today we are pleased to announce the release of the sixth module, the Colorization! From today anyone can use it in our Comixify VFX Platform. The new functionality is available for free for all beta testing users. If you are not one of them, you can create an account here. It is totally free!

What can be achieved with the new Colorization module? Well, basically it does exactly what it sounds! Let’s imagine one has a massive amount of old, grayscale video sequences. Be it old family recordings or sports, historical archives. There are plenty of such materials that await to be brought to life by applying beautiful, vivid colors. Sadly, the standard colorization process is difficult and arduous. It requires plenty of manual labor from a qualified artist to get satisfying effects.

Comixify Colorization Q1 2021 Demo –
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Comixify VFX Platform & Style Transfer used in “The Watch” produced by BBC America

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Give an Imp a couple mice and it’ll paint whatever you like! everyone knows that… everyone knows that!… Lady Sybil Ramkin The Watch TV Series, season one episode six “The Dark in The Dark”

By Bolesław Michalski

The TV Series The Watch produced by BBC America is now aired and we are proud to see our tech being used in it! In fact, and there is no other way to say it, we are the Imps as our tech was used to help the postproduction process in a recreation of hand-drawn, Imp made, animation sections. Our Style Transfer was used by Lola Post Production, currently delivering over 650 shots as the VFX vendor of The Watch inspired by the characters created by Sir Terry Pratchett Discworld novel, for specific scenes redrawn into an animation. We are extremely proud to work with one of the most respected and reliable independent VFX studios in London especially on BBC America produced TV series! And the effects of this cooperation might be seen in two episodes of season one! VFX Platform and Style Transfer tech used to aid animation post production process “The Watch Episode 6″
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Comixify Testing – OpenCV AI Kit

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by Maciej Pęśko

Embedded Computer Vision – OpenCV AI Kit + DepthAI

We have recently got a small Computer Vision toy to play with, namely OpenCV AI Kit. It is a portable, complex device equipped with a camera along with quite considerable computing power to run simple AI models, which gives us a wide range of possibilities to use it in a fairly easy manner. For instance, we can simply create a parking monitoring device for cars and their license plate by using only this one device. The fact that we can easily use it with a library like DepthAI that comes with a quite big number of pre-trained models ready to use on such embedded devices makes it even easier to use and really cool.

Fig. 1 OAK-D and OAK-1.
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VFX Platform beta testing in numbers

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by Maciej Pęśko

Recently, we have finished the closed beta testing phase on our VFX Platform and moved to the open beta where everyone can set up an account and try out our amazing tools for free! We would love to share with you some numbers and information that we gathered from our users to give you a better picture of what we do, where we are and where we tend to be!

 Users structure

During recent 5 months our main goal was to test our core ideas with a diverse group of people from VFX producers to amateur video enthusiasts. Over 700 users applied to get access to our tools and we selected around 500 of them. The final users type structure can be seen below.

Fig. 1 Closed beta testing users types structure.
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VFX platform now with Inpainting!

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Video Inpainting is here!

by Maciej Pęśko

We are happy to announce that another module is available in Comixify VFX Platform. This time it is Video Inpainting! New module is available for free for all the beta testing users (If you are not one of them, you can create a beta testing account under this link). 

What exactly hides under this name? Well, let’s imagine one has a video sequence with some undesired objects, person, text or logo that should not be there. In general there are three ways to deal with it. The first one is to record a video from scratch, but in most cases this will be very expensive, time-consuming and sometimes even impossible. So the second option is to hide unwanted objects under some artificially added stuff. Yet here comes other problems like setting proper perspective and light for it or just simply one does not want to have any new elements in the sequence. From here we go to option 3, we could try to remove the unwelcome part of the sequence by replacing it with the background borrowed from other frames. In simple words, that is what Video Inpainting is doing. Inpainting – removing skiers form the video!
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Comixify Q&A VFX Post Production Forum

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By Bolesław Michalski

The Story of Post Production Forum (PPF) is interesting.

As you can read on PPF’s website: “The initiative to organize Post Production Forum, an event dedicated to people who work on the film after the shooting period, was born in 2016 in the city of Lódź. Initially, the festival called Montage Film Festival was focused on the role of editors in the process of creating a film work. Golden Scissors statuettes in the short film competition were handed out to Polish and foreign editors. Over time, the festival formula naturally began to expand to include events, meetings, workshops and panels about other processes that occur during post-production.”

We were invited to the 2020 edition with our prelection about AI usage in VFX post-production. We were able to showcase our AI VFX Platform and its modules used for Rotoscopy, Style Transfer, Super Resolution and Super Slowmotion.

Bolesław Michalski COO & CMO during his Post Production Forum Panel.
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