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By Bolesław Michalski technology is flexible and can be used in many areas. Thanks to this, we had the pleasure to support many innovative projects with our technology, and the product itself has also undergone a very strong transformation within 2 years.

From the AI-based comic book generator, through the photo book creation tool, to its current model, in which we develop technology to accelerate the VFX market.

So let’s summarize these projects and how our technology was used. for Vitay. Comics platform used to engage customers!

The first project developed for PKN Orlen. It was implemented in two areas in independent projects for the HR department and the loyalty program management department.

Our cooperation with VITAY (Customer Activity and Loyalty dep. Of PKN ORLEN SA) shows how you can use comics 💭to communicate with Clients and that our tech can be used as an online touchpoint. Customers were asked to show their car-related adventures in the form of comics. The prizes were points in the loyalty program, exchangeable for fuel or other elements of the Vitay offer.

Contest was simple and based on just few steps. Users added movies or photos from which AI chose the best frames. User chose the number of comic frames, the comic style and, if he felt like it, added clouds with texts. All comics were aggregated on a platform made for the client. The participants of the competition could vote for those which they considered best.

VITAY “Your Car Your story”

You can find more about the contest here

Hack Yeah 2019

The second element of the implementation for PKN Orlen was a project supporting the HR department in acquiring IT department employees. In order to stand out from other exhibitors during the largest European hackathon, PKN used our platform as an online-2-offline tool that allowed HackYeah Guests to create comics via mobile or desktop and print it as a unique souvenir.

Hack Yeah 2019

You can find more about how our platform was used as a tool in online to offline communication here.

Comixify for education“Je Filme le métier qui me Plaît”

Another project in which our technology was involved was the creation of a photo book together with a Polish-French school. We always try to support education and creative students.

Ms. Beata Kowalczyk, an English teacher at the French Secondary School in Warsaw, Lycée Français de Varsovie René Gościnny inspired her students for the third time in the video competition “Je Filme le métier qui me Plaît”, or “I make a film about a job I like”. The competition is about making a film that presents an interesting job from the students’ perspective. The aim of the competition was to make it easier for young students to choose a future career and to learn about the pros and cons of the profession. The students also wanted to show the viewers the process of creating the video, so they used our technology to complexify two scenes and produce a mini-comic book about it.

I make a film about a job I like – a page from mini comicbook produced with our tech

Thanks to hard work and a bit of our help, the students received the Golden Award for the film in the 13th edition of the video competition “Je Filme le métier qui me plait”! More in an interview with the inspiring teacher, Ms. Beata Kowalczyk.

Comixify platform used to help kids with autism

Our next prideful project was to make our technology available to create a book to help children with autism!

Joanna Latosińska-Kulasek, who found us online and felt that this tool can become a fantastic help in the treatment of her autistic patients. This is how our collaboration began, which led to the idea of creating therapeutic comics. PWN joined the action! And now we started extending the functionality of the application. We had to fine-tune the application of the right filters, sizes, and cropping to get the best understandable results.

Comixify platform used to help kids with autism

Ultimately, we managed to publish 2 volumes of the photo book “Akademia Idełów. I’m ABOUT the conversation. We are extremely proud of this project and the fact that our technology could be used in this area. More about it: here.

Our crow jule – Comixify VFX Platform & Style Transfer used in “The Watch” produced by BBC America

Last but not least is our cooperation with Lola Post Production. A well known UK VFX & Post Production studio responsible for major post production works on BBC America The Watch.

Our tech was used in two episodes. In total, more than 2 minutes of our Style transfer is visible in ep5 and ep6. What we love about it is a fact that Lola Post used our platform directly and that made it the first commercial project done on our platform.

Comixify VFX Platfomr – test it for free:

Back then our platform was accessible only in a closed beta but now anyone who would like to test it can create an account on our website and use the full potential of the 6 modules we offer.

You can find out more about our tools from our website: or from our youtube channel!


We are focused on developing our tech and our target is to Accelerate the professional VFX market by moving the manual work to Comixify made AI and ML tools.

With more and frames comixified on our VFX Platform:

More than 3 000 000 frames were comixified in both Closed & Open Beta

and more and more task done by our open beta Users:

Not only the User base is growing but retention and “task per user” are also climbing!

We know that AI & ML tools are the future of the VFX Market and the key is quality!

With our VFX Platform, we have the best possible place to test our tech, gather feedback, and present our tools to the real VFX market.

Test our tech for free here: and let us know what can we do better!

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