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by Bolesław Michalski

November 29.2019 was the first day of the VITAY contest. Our cooperation with VITAY (Customer Activity and Loyalty dep. of PKN ORLEN SA ) shows how you can use comics 💭to communicate with Clients and that our tech can be used as an online touchpoint.

Contest – Me and my car.

Customers were asked to show their car-related adventures in the form of comics. The prizes were points in the loyalty program, exchangeable for fuel or other elements of the Vitay offer.

The competition was simple and consisted of five steps. After logging in to the platform, users added movies or photos from which AI chose the best frames. Then, the User chose the number of comic frames, the comic style and, if he felt like it, added clouds with texts. The works were aggregated on a platform on which the participants of the competition could submit further comics or vote for those which they considered best.

all done in five simple steps!

This form of communication is engaging for the client and additionally the process of creating a comic is simple. The choice of comic style, number of frames and adding text to it means that the creators of the comic are attached to crated strips. Thanks to this we reached the amazing 52% shearability on day 3 and 46% general shearability rate at the end of the competition. An additional element was the use of the “like” mechanism, which allowed the selection of competition winners based on the popularity of the comics they created.

the first case when our comic platform was used to engage customers and competition

Comixify? Platform?

At we use machine learning to develop AI’s image understanding and we build business products around the results. Comixify develops an AI-powered technology for inferring a style of a video and applying it to create visuals. Our products transform the way stories can be told.

Initially, our platform was supposed to be proof that our algorithms can actually choose the best frames from the history shown to them and that we are able to teach AI the style of drawing and apply this skill in practice.

It turned out quite quickly that the platform could be used by the marketing and promotion departments of brands. PKN ORLEN, which was the first to notice this opportunity, used our platform not only for the communication activities described above but also for the HR department for which we have developed a simplified methodology for physical comics printing at events. The materials thus created have become unique souvenirs for the event’s guests and, at the time of their receipt, gave the HR department representative the opportunity to talk with potential employees.

The tool that we offer is easy to implement and in addition, the brand also has the ability to manage many of its elements, including colors, logos, social media tags, comic styles, etc. This allows us to adjust our tool to the needs of the brand and its final customers.

To read more about our platform please visit our recent article: touchpoint platform for brands to client


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