Comixify platform used to help kids with autism

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By Bolesław Michalski

Our platform is used by teachers and students on a daily basis. Mainly as a creative solution for homework, posters and sometimes presentations. We are happy to support every educational project. However, this project was different and made us all very proud! This time, the authors of the project together with Polish Scientific Publishers PWN created comic stories that are used to help people with autism.

“Jestem ZA rozmową”, “Im FOR the convesrsation” (ZA translates to for but it is also shortcut of Asperger’s Syndrome). Authors: Joanna Latosińska-Kulasek, Paulina Zawadzka
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The story of

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by Maciej Pęśko

It has been 2.5 years since our five-member team has known each other and frankly speaking it has been a really crazy and intensive time. We decided to share our story with you to inspire everyone to work on making dreams come true. 

How It all started

It was February 2018, we were working in different companies and we barely knew each other. What we had in common was a strong computer vision background and passion to create something great. At that time, three of us, namely Paweł, Adam and I were still Warsaw University of Technology students looking for their thesis topics. We knew that we wanted to do something special and non-trivial concerning Deep Learning and Computer Vision, hence our supervisor choice was Tomasz Trzciński. One of the greatest Computer Vision and Machine Learning specialists at the University. There we met and rapidly came up with the very first idea. Adam is a great fan of comics and he proposed an extraordinary idea, “Let’s create an end-to-end algorithm to transform videos into comics”. We all agreed on it, split the problem on smaller tasks, redistributed work and started our research.

Fig. 1. web page look in December 2018 (Left) and September 2020 (Right)
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Read-o-Meter 2 minutes secured the PLN 200 K grant for development.

by Bolesław Michalski


 We are now closing to the second milestone in IMPACT_POLAND (2.0) a unique, author’s startup Acceleration Program, developed by FundingBox Accelerator Sp. z o.o. The aim of the program is to accelerate development and to support innovative, creative micro and small entrepreneurs. Also to check their potential with the use of infrastructure, experience and resources of technology recipients (large and medium-sized enterprises).

Acceleration Program for startups #SmartCity / #IIoT / #AR / #AI & others
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