with a new Impact in late 2020

Read-o-Meter 2 minutes secured the PLN 200 K grant for development.

by Bolesław Michalski


 We are now closing to the second milestone in IMPACT_POLAND (2.0) a unique, author’s startup Acceleration Program, developed by FundingBox Accelerator Sp. z o.o. The aim of the program is to accelerate development and to support innovative, creative micro and small entrepreneurs. Also to check their potential with the use of infrastructure, experience and resources of technology recipients (large and medium-sized enterprises).

Acceleration Program for startups #SmartCity / #IIoT / #AR / #AI & others

We were selected to join the program by Prografix, a leader in creating Direct Mail campaigns (offline direct communication). Prografix combines advanced technologies with team commitment, and many years of experience, to develop an innovative photobook platform supported by our AI algorithms and our Style Transfer. 

Prografix is a leader in creating Direct Mail campaigns (offline direct communication)


With not a small task in hand and less than 15 days to the second milestone deadline we are wrapping up the crucial elements to finalize it in time. 

The development of this project is not linear. Aside from adjusting the algorithms to handle up to 16 pages, application of style transfer to all pages and preview mode for easier navigation, we manage to move the infrastructure from GPU to CPU. Thus, it was possible to reduce the monthly cost of operating the platform by over 50% while maintaining the same efficiency. – work in progress preview mode for easier navigation


The ability to work with Prografix, a company with more than 27 years of experience and present on both EMEA and CEE. This combined with feedback and guides from advisors and specialists cooperating with IMPACT_POLAND (2.0) makes this acceleration super beneficial for our startup. Not only can we develop our tech in a new direction but also we can get to know new business branches that can use our products and tech. 

Prografix – have been successfully implementing projects in the field of direct marketing for 27 years, both in Poland and abroad.


With about two and a half months left in the acceleration we are expecting to develop our service to a fully functional, novative and ai-driven photobook creator. We still need to introduce several remaining features and integrate our service with the Prografix website.

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