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VFX demo platform released!

by Maciej Pęśko

After months of hard work, we are pleased to announce that we have finally released the beta version of our VFX demo platform where you can try out our state-of-the-art, AI-based VFX tools. All modules were created in cooperation with worldwide VFX companies in order to assure the best quality and usefulness for anyone dealing with video post production. To check our platform you need to visit our website at and apply for a free demo account. Afterwards, you will get access to all currently available modules which are: Style Transfer, Rotoscoping and Super Slow Motion. You will also get full access to all the future tools that we are about to add soon like Super Resolution. Knowing the general concept, let’s dive into the details!

Style Transfer

This module gives you an opportunity to apply different artistic and comics filters on your videos. The only thing you need to do is to upload your video and pick a style. It may sound familiar, as we have already used similar technology in Platform that transforms any video or a set of photos into a one-page comic strip where the final part is to apply comics style to chosen frames. However, In the vfx platform we went two steps further:

  1. We significantly improved temporal quality to get super stable and style consistent results on output videos.
  2. We optimized models to work 10 times faster to reduce video processing time.

Effects are astonishing as you can observe in the video below:


Roto allows you to segment any object in the video scene with pixel-wise accuracy. What you need to do is to choose a video and upload or draw arbitrary number of reference masks (Binary images or mattes with zero-valued background and one-valued object). For each reference mask you must specify a frame index which is an order number of this corresponding frame in the given video scene. Then our model will recognize the object, based on the given reference frames, and find its position in the whole sequence with astonishing accuracy. As a result you will get a bunch of masks for all the frames in the video along with Silhouette splines files ready to upload to the professional rotoscoping tools. Result can be seen in the video below:

Super Slow Motion

Do you know this feeling when you have recorded an amazing scene and you want to add slow motion effect, but unfortunately your video is 30 FPS and it turns out that all the market available slow motion software has poor results with many artifacts? Here we are with our Super Slow Motion module. The technology underneath is designed to estimate almost unlimited more FPS from input video. Would you like to increase FPS 10 times from 30 to 300? It’s not a problem for our AI and what is more, artifacts in the whole video are almost unnoticeable. You can check it yourself by watching the material below:

In the near future we aim to introduce some additional vfx modules that we are working on right now, so please stay tuned for more cool tools soon!

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