Michael DaCosta Babb to join Comixify as an Investors Relations Advisor

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Comixify ready with products for B2B and B2C

By Bolesław Michalski

Closed Beta Tests of the SaaS Platform developed by Comixify are coming to an end. After almost three months of testing the platform by a selected group of users, we know that our product not only meets the needs of the professional market but also enjoys interest among people looking for creative video editing solutions.

Over 25% of beta testers describe themselves as a “video enthusiast.”

Seeing such a strong B2C interest, we introduced a number of improvements. Such as a mechanism for an on-screen painting of rotoscope masks and the short preview videos for the Style Transfer tasks. This way we made adding tasks simple! Now even an amateur gets access to tools that were previously reserved mainly for the professional market.

Style Transfer task creation sample

Developing a platform that can be used by professionals and also by amateurs is not trivial. Such a challenge takes time and resources. That’s why we are so excited to announce that we have started working with Michael DaCosta Babb as Comixify.ai’s new Investors Relation Advisor.

Investors Relation Advisor

Michael has worked in the creative and innovation industries for over 30 years. He is a hands-on strategic advisor for various businesses, investment funds & accelerators across all design and technology sectors including Activeledger (UK), Mom Incubators (UK), DECENT (CH), Hubris One (EE), Fabrica do Futuro (Brazil), Films Angel (UK/ France), Comixify (PL), Privet Equity (UK), Accel Point (PL), CCeTV (UK) and Privum (CH). He is also a Tech London Advocate and a lecturer at the INSEEC university. In addition, Michael is a supporter of the Nekton oceanology Foundation (Oxford University) and GIVENation, the children’s foundation. 

Michael DaCosta Babb Investors Relations Advisor at Comixify.ai

Michael’s main tasks will concern cooperation with investors and acquiring a strategic investor in early 2021.
We plan to use the investments to grow the team in two main sectors. Technology development and customer support from both B2B and B2C sectors. Our general aim is to use the investment to get to the point where Comixify.ai SaaS Platform will be ready to scale up and go global!

Investment Opportunity

If you want to know more about our company and our plans for the near future please watch the below video and if you are interested in an investment opportunity feel free to contact us!

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