with new Award “Best Pitch” on Space3ac Demo day!

Read-o-Meter < 1 minute awarded “Best Pitch” during 2019 Demo Day.

by Bolesław Michalski was one of the participants in the latest batch of our startups chosen to participate in the Space3ac Scale-Up II Acceleration Program organized by Blue Dot Solutions Sp. Zoo. to collaborate with PKN Orlen S.A., the biggest oil and energy provider in CEE.

During this collaboration, developed an innovative marketing tool that uses AI to convert user-generated input (videos, photos) into comic strips, allowing unprecedented loop between customers and brands. The application developed by did a tremendous impression and completed the Acceleration Program with honors.

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by Bolesław Michalski

November 29.2019 was the first day of the VITAY contest. Our cooperation with VITAY (Customer Activity and Loyalty dep. of PKN ORLEN SA ) shows how you can use comics 💭to communicate with Clients and that our tech can be used as an online touchpoint.

Contest – Me and my car.

Customers were asked to show their car-related adventures in the form of comics. The prizes were points in the loyalty program, exchangeable for fuel or other elements of the Vitay offer.

The competition was simple and consisted of five steps. After logging in to the platform, users added movies or photos from which AI chose the best frames. Then, the User chose the number of comic frames, the comic style and, if he felt like it, added clouds with texts. The works were aggregated on a platform on which the participants of the competition could submit further comics or vote for those which they considered best.

all done in five simple steps!
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Comixify accepted to the Global Entrepreneur Program

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by Bolesław Michalski

Comixify has been accepted to the Global Entrepreneur Program (GEP) conducted by the Department of Commerce and Investment in Great Britain (DIT). The UK government’s Global Entrepreneur Programme (GEP) helps high-growth overseas companies relocate to the UK.

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